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Scripped Inc is a marketplace for producers to find quality scripts from the long tail of screenwriting. We have built a Web 2.0 application that has the same rich features as the mar ...
Good: 3   Bad: 1
Media and Entertainment Cambridge, MA $50,000

Business selling used items retail, reuse and repurpose.
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Danbury, CT $50

Partha Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
Prepare combination of Solar + wind Energy product sufficient for single house's energy needs and market it in rural India where there is no electricity and get project approved from g ...
Good: 0   Bad: 0
, $0

Chatty Social
Would you like to reach your customers 24/7 without having to pay thousands of dollars a year to manage your customers after hours? I am here to help enhance & build your customer inte ...
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Advertising Cleveland, TN $15,000

Our core product is a new kind of ad serving system where ads are served on our network of affiliated web sites based on a radically new paradigm. Our objective is to more effectively ...
Good: 1   Bad: 0
Advertising Carbonia, Italy $5,000

Last Call INC. LLC
Web Site Company Background
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Advertising Tacoma, Washington $50,000

Aeronatical Research Systems
Aeronautical Research Systems is planning on developing an electromagnetic engine which will run on renewable sources of energy. This product will help reduce the dependence people hav ...
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Aerospace Rochester, NY $5,000

Agriculture (vegetables) project by Hybrid Hydroponics system from Japan
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Agricultural Cavite, Philippines $500,000

Quincy Customs LLC
Quincy Customs LLC is an auto body shop that will perform repairs and painting, design and fabrication of custom vehicles- Hot Rods & Street Machines- not serviced by traditional colli ...
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Automotive Quincy, IL $100

Indiana Fleet Tech
To provide the best and most cost effective vehicle repair service in the Indianapolis area. Our vision was born out of frustration from the overcharges, and misdiagnosis of vehicle re ...
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Automotive Greenwood, IN $1,000

Vision Create Ltd.
Project is contribute to Entrepreneur (make business) and Investor (opportunity) in Developing country (South Asia). And also contribute poverty reduction, economic growth, job creatio ...
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Business Products and Service Manila, Philippines $20,000

ASA Online LLC
ASA Online is a Paradigm Shift to the traditional way of doing business, marketing and training. ASA starts with a BIG WHY! Our goal is to go after the 95% Failure Rate in home based b ...
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Business Products and Service Denver, CO $2,400

KJD Legal
As a local attorney, mother of two small children and female entrepreneur myself, I understand that your business is an important part of how you provide for your family. I know that ...
Good: 1   Bad: 0
Business Products and Service Brownsburg, IN $500

ecoentrepreneur aims to become the main site for sustainable business information for entrepreneurs who want to make a difference to the planet. The current management will source and ...
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Business Products and Services ALBURY, AUSTRALIA $50,000

Conquer Your PC
I would like to open a computer shop where people can just walkin and get computer training help and or just use a computer for no charge. The only charge would be is for printing.
Good: 2   Bad: 0
Computers and Peripherals Jacksonville, FL $25,000

Intimate Tickles LLC
Intimate Tickles LLC is an adult romance home party plan business. Over the past 2 years we have proven ourselves to be experts in the industry of adult romance and online marketing. W ...
Good: 1   Bad: 0
Consumer Products and Services Kannapolis, NC $500

Since this project has already been undertaken by people of the district, productivity and technology are established. What is necessary is just for us to purchase the existing right, ...
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Consumer Products and Services T'boli, Philippines $104,400

Human Powered Electric Hybrid velocar.....completely self sustaining, No Fuel Required (not even electricity) ever.
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Consumer Products and Services Bellevue, WA $400,000

RecyBox is a service that rents and delivers plastic, recyclable bins and other moving supplies to consumers and businesses that are moving. The plastic bins are delivered to the cust ...
Good: 0   Bad: 0
Consumer Products and Services Raleigh, NC $10,000

Kay's Kiddos
I am opening a small childcare center that will offer affordable child care for college students and low income families.
Good: 1   Bad: 0
Education Port Arthur, TX $7,000

American Made College Programs
Many of us remember being in high school and attending a college fair. We would march into a gym or conference center and the college and university representatives would be at tables ...
Good: 1   Bad: 0
Education Smithsburg, MD $500

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