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Last Call INC. LLC
Team members: Brian Stegemoller   Owner/Web Designer
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Steven Millar   Owner
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Web Site

Company Background
We have created a web-based marketing and promotions firm for bars and nightclubs dedicated to revolutionizing the American nightlife experience. Through the integration of digital technology and innovative marketing strategies, we provide our clients with unparalleled customized solutions for increasing the traffic and awareness of their bar or nightclub, and provide our consumers with the most current nightlife information in their city.
Although our main feature is indeed the live video streaming, Beer-Goggles.com offers an array of marketing and promotions support to clients to ensure that their establishment succeeds in this highly competitive market. Our services will ensure that bar and nightclub owners are able to attract the customer base they desire. Never has there been such a fully comprehensive marketing solution available in the nightlife industry.

From a consumer standpoint, Beer-Goggles.com offers a one-stop-shop that enables bar goers to choose their city, their area of town, and finally a bar or nightclub for detailed information. Not only do you have access to important information that will aid you in choosing where you want to spend your evening, but you now have the ability to make a precise decision about where to go based on what you see live via the internet thanks to Beer-Goggles.com. No longer will you venture blindly into bars and clubs hoping to find the crowd you’re looking for, you now have the ability to actually know what each bar has to offer before you go. This is the future of American nightlife!
Our Mission is to be the most innovative and technologically advanced marketing and promotions firm for bars and nightclubs in the world, providing clients with unparalleled solutions for drawing customers inside their establishment by offering the consumer the most up-to-date information available anywhere; to be the number one resource for information about bars, nightclubs, and nightlife; and to provide our users with an attractive, informative, continually improving website that is simple to navigate; the ultimate tool for choosing where they should spend their time and their money.
Target Market
The target market would be any bar wishing to publicize with out the work or posting ads in news papers or putting commercials on television. With the way the advertising market is today, it seems internet ads and webs sites all the quickest and most effective way to promote any business. The people who would wish to view the site would be any Tavern, bar, and nightclub goers. We have polled many college students, young military persons, as well as people ages 21-30 and asked them whether or not they would be interested in a site like this. The response was unanimous. Not one person we ask said they would not view a site like this. Plus with the help of the Beer goggle girls in every major city promoting our product and gaining new clients our web site could literally grow over night.
Intended Use of Funds

Camera and installation purchase
Developing Camera Software
Promotion Team Shirts
Legal Paperwork (service contract)

The cameras will be free with a 2 year contract and a 60 day free trial. Membership per bar is 50 dollars per month.
i.e.: 50 bars per major city, 3 major cities per state, 150 bars per state, and 7,500 bars in all U.S major cities. Yearly revenue=375,000 per year off cameras alone. Promotion teams in every metro area. Promotion revenue= 1,000,000. Website advertising=200,000
Total revenue per year= 1.5 million.

Question: Why do I need to hire a marketing firm to promote my bar?
Answer: Unlike most industries in today’s marketplace, the nightlife industry lacks companies who are dedicated to providing marketing and promotion services to the owners of bars and nightclubs. The success of these establishments relies on the owner’s ability to maintain a competitive edge over his neighbors who offer a similar product or service. The inconsistency of these marketing techniques, which include theme popularity, word of mouth, proximity of location, and daily specials are simply not efficient enough to sustain business in the highly competitive industry. Beer-Goggles.com offers the first fully comprehensive marketing solution for bar and nightclub owners; an Account Executive will work directly with each new client to build a customized solution for increasing the traffic and awareness of their establishment based on the client’s need and budget.

Question: What can Beer-Goggles.com do that I can’t do myself?
Answer : At Beer-Goggles.com, we understand the difficulty in keeping up with the daily operations of a business, and all the complexities that arise from owning a bar or nightclub. The commitment of Beer-Goggles.com is to provide you with marketing support so that you can focus on running your business. When you consider the time and effort it takes to effectively market and promote your establishment, you will quickly learn that Beer-Goggles.com is your only solution. With innovative easy to use website we bring all bars to one place. Through our research we have identified a way to stream a live feed from an establishment DIRECTLY to Beer-Goggles.com. This is a LIVE video feed just like watching the news on your television. It’s truly an amazing setup.

Question: What is the benefit of having an online presence?
Answer : In today’s global economy, an online presence is absolutely essential to success in the marketplace and enables the entire world to have access to the information you choose to provide. Beer-Goggles.com will forever change the way bar-goers access information about where they should spend their time and money. As younger generations continue to grow up and become of age to enjoy what the American nightlife has to offer, it will become more and more critical to have your information available online. By joining the Beer-Goggles.com team, you are alleviating the need and avoiding the cost of developing, hosting and maintaining a website of your own, yet sustaining the authority to control and update your online information.

Question: How is Beer-Goggles.com different from other online bar guides?
Answer: Although a few online bar guides do exist, not one can compete with the abilities or services of Beer-Goggles.com. We are much more than an online bar guide, we offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about bars, nightclubs, and nightlife available on the web, yet our service extends far beyond what is seen by the public eye. Sign-up for a 2-month trial and you will quickly learn how effective a relationship with Beer-Goggles.com can be.

Question: How do I get my bar listed with Beer-Goggles.com?
Answer: Beer-Goggles.com offers potential clients an easy and affordable trial of our services which will allow you to determine if Beer-Goggles.com is the solution for your establishment. Simply fill in the required information on the “Add Your Bar” page and start receiving the benefits of Beer-Goggles.com upon approval of your application and payment information.

Question: What do I get for signing up with Beer-Goggles.com? How much will this cost me?
Answer: In addition to receiving the full support of the Beer-Goggles.com marketing team and a customized page within the Beer-Goggles.com website, each new client will receive a FREE Internet Camera, FREE Installation, FREE Beer-Goggles Sign and a 60 day FREE Trial Period. After the trial period ends it will be a monthly charge of $50.00. Which is a great deal considering we will make you more than that each month?

Question: What kind of camera is used to stream our bar?
Answer: We supply all of our clients with an IP camera. The term IP camera refers to a camera and computer combined in one unit. This signal from an IP camera is delivered over an IP network. The camera digitizes the images, compresses them, and then sends them over the network. If this sounds similar to a webcam, they are not by all means the same. A webcam is choppy and has a very poor picture. An IP camera streams the video, just like watching television

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Industry:  Advertising
City:  Tacoma
State (or country):   Washington
Micro-Fund size
(for current financial round):
$ 50,000
Total-Fund required
(for current financial round):
$ 500,000
Contact (email):   brian@beer-goggles.com
Posted Date: 2007-12-03 20:10:16

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