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Team members: Maurizio Colarossi   President, Finance
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Alberto Armandi   President, Technology
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Olivier Lalonde   Ceo
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Business Idea:
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Our core product is a new kind of ad serving system where ads are served on our network of
affiliated web sites based on a radically new paradigm. Our objective is to more effectively target
surfers in order to generate more clicks from them and therefore, give a better value to both
publishers and advertisers.
The most important functionality of an ad serving system is to determine which ads are more
appropriate or, in other words, more relevant to the interests of visitors.
Unlike contextual technology, Wozad’s ad serving system is based on behavioural marketing.
For each visitor, it checks in real time their web browser’s history and based on that information,
determines their real life interests in order to choose appropriate ads to display.
This process is commonly known in the advertising industry as “ad targeting”, please read our business-plan to learn more.

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Industry:  Advertising
City:  Carbonia
State (or country):   Italy
Micro-Fund size
(for current financial round):
$ 5,000
Total-Fund required
(for current financial round):
$ 250,000
Contact (email):   investors@wozad.com
Posted Date: 2009-02-26 11:27:51

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