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Intimate Tickles LLC
Team members: Virginia White   Direct Sales Expert
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Derek Brown   IT Specialist
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Intimate Tickles LLC is an adult romance home party plan business. Over the past 2 years we have proven ourselves to be experts in the industry of adult romance and online marketing. We have amassed a following of 176 independent consultants. 56 Independent consultants are waiting for us to open our doors as a national adult romance home party plan company.

In 2012 Intimate Tickles started out as independent consultants for Taboo Essentials. This company produced a bait and switch and Intimate Tickles opted out within a month and moved to Cloud 9 Parties. During a year with Cloud 9 Parties, Intimate Tickles sponsored and supported 55 independent consultants. Intimate Tickles is not at liberty to publicly discuss the circumstances which led to our leaving this company.

In 2013 Intimate Tickles was contacted my My Pure Pleasure and agreed to join their ranks, again as Independent Consultants. Approximately 30 consultants which we sponsored and supported during our stay at Cloud 9, moved over to join us at My Pure Pleasure. During our year at My Pure Pleasure we sponsored an additional 65 independent consultants. Growing pains with My Pure Pleasure (lack of support to customers, lack of fulfilling promises, etc.) let us to decide to remove ourselves from the Independent Consultant label and attempt to turn ourselves into our own Home Party Plan company.

Our goal is to launch our new company on September 16th. This is due to a non-compete document signed with My Pure Pleasure on September 15th 2014, which expires on September 15th 2015.

During this time Derek Brown, Intimate Tickles IT Director has fully programmed our Marketing Center at IntimateTickles.biz - Ready to be opened. This site subdomain replicates itself as new consultants sign up and will be used for Consultant marketing efforts.

Our main site awaits development at IntimateTickles.com.

By Develop, I refer to the backend (administrative login) which will include:
* Unlimited number of users (customers)
* Unlimited number of consultants with auto-replicated websites
* Real-time fully-integrated shopping cart that sends e-mail alerts when orders are placed
* Orders placed by the customer generate e-mail alert to consultant, office administrator and customer
* View order history by date, party number or by customer
* “Library” link where consultants can view or print company documents and brochures, and link to other company resources (e.g., training videos)
* “News/Current Events” link where consultants can view the latest company announcements
* Ability to enroll new consultants into their downline
* New consultants can select their own webname for auto-replicated site (e.g., yourcompany.com/webname)
* True replicated site: username.yourcompany.com
* Ability to schedule parties and generate HTML party invitation (online orders placed through the invitation count towards the party)
* Ability to create a consultant marketing page
* Ability to create any variety of party “themes” and copy the party themes into new parties
* Hostess portal
* Genealogy views (2) and downline details
* Robust reporting on sales, enrollments, commission, etc.
* Social Marketing Suite
* Customer Relationship Management Suite (for sales funnels, drip campaigns, etc.)
* E-Wallet is available as an ad-on option (this virtual stored-value system allows direct credits (deposits) into consultants’ E-Wallet accounts. From there, consultants can request a check, pay for their own and others’ orders, transfer funds between other E-Wallet holders.


This system/development comes at a cost of $25000.

Intimate Tickles is trying to raise $8000 in order to begin this development and be ready to launch (6 Weeks Development Time needed) by September 16th.

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Industry:  Consumer Products and Services
City:  Kannapolis
State (or country):   NC
Micro-Fund size
(for current financial round):
$ 500
Total-Fund required
(for current financial round):
$ 8,500
Contact (email):   derek.b@webstorme.com
Posted Date: 2015-05-20 12:49:59

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