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Team members: Christina M. Vahlsing   owner
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Business Idea:
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VAHLSING is seeking venture capital investors (accredited investors) for our various projects.

VAHLSING INC. is structured as a diversified conglomerate covering industries for Major Movie Production (Entertainment), Real Estate Multi-Commercial Development with Private Airport (Aviation) and Movie Studio, R&D and Manufacturing for Energy Devices (Green Technology), including and not limited to other investments.

Visit the screenplay website to review the brief condensed version of Vahlsing’s business plan:


Look Beyond the Stars for Spiritual Guidance,
Christina M. Vahlsing, VAHLSING INC.

Skype phone: vahlsinginc
Email: vahlsinginc@gmail.com

NOTE: Vahlsing sounds like waltzing, only with a V.
Siberian Tigers are our logo.
I speak one language and that is English.

Snail mail address:

Vahlsing Inc.
Attn: Christina M. Vahlsing
13170 Central Ave. SE, Suite B159,
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87123 USA


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Industry:  Real Estate
City:  Albuquerque
State (or country):   NM
Micro-Fund size
(for current financial round):
$ 1,000,000
Total-Fund required
(for current financial round):
$ 13,000,000
Contact (email):   vahlsinginc@gmail.com
Posted Date: 2016-01-20 21:52:58

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