- Who are the Micro-Investors?

Micro-Investors could be anyone who has interests on investing to a startup.


- What're the typical size of Micro-Investors' investment?

There is no minimum or maximum requirement. It varies depending on Micro-Investors' budget. But typical size is from $1000 to $500,000.


- How can I contact Micro-Investors (or get contacted by them)?

There are two choices.

Choice #1: You can post your 30 seconds elevator speech or business plan to Micro-Funding.com's Startups section. Then Micro-Investors will contact you.

Choice #2: You can directly contact them via email. They are posted in Micro-Funding.com's Micro-Investors section.


- Can I find Venture Capitals too?

Yes. You can search them by location and industry at Micro-Funding.com's VC List section. You can even submit your business plan to all Venture Capitals you searched with just one click.


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