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Coltec Finance Company Limited -04509708
Micro-Investor:  Coltec Finance Company Limited -04509708 http://coltecfinancecompany.com/services.html
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Are you INTERESTED in a genuine, fast, reliable LOANS with no hidden fees
from a private lender? Just 3.0% p.a, tailored with a flexible repayment
schedule to meet the borrower's need and also a grace period of up to 12 -
36 months.

We arrange business finance for companies of all sizes ranging from start-
ups to established corporations, belonging to a wide range of industries
such as real-estates, mineral resources, high-technology, oil and gas,
leisure & tourism, hospitals & nursing homes, chemicals & pharmaceuticals,
transport & utilities, renewable & sustainable energy, infrastructure etc.

NOTE: All replies should be forwarded and send to the e-mail account below
for quick response and further details regarding our rate, terms &
procedures. Email: loans@coltecfinancecompany.net
Industry:  Financial Services
Company description:  index.jpg
City:  Birmingham
State (or country):   United Kingdom
Fund size:  $ 10,000
Contact (email):   loans@coltecfinancecompany.net
Posted Date: 2017-08-21 06:40:42

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